Protection and IPO Training

"Lola von Hayes Haus" and Diane Cardinale - IPO  Training.

“Lola von Hayes Haus” and Diane Cardinale – IPO Training

Trial Day!! - 5 new titles for the North Boston Sport Dog Training Group!!!

Trial Day!! – 5 new titles for the North Boston Sport Dog Training Group!!!




Chase and Kids

“Chase” with his family, he adores children – Mike & and Lisa – Canton, MA

Chase for website

With Protection training from Mike- “Chase” will also defend those children from any harm! Mike & and Lisa – Canton, MA

Paula & Freida WEBPAGE

Paula and her children are safe with “Freida” on the job!


Fran doesn’t have to worry about his teenage daughters with”Zelic” watching over them!


Barbara lives alone and travels safely with “Mike” by her side.

Crimes like home invasion, burglary, carjacking, child abduction, and sexual assault are escalating and residential homes and apartments are considered easy targets for criminals. Statistics show that just the presence of a dog in the home, accompanying you in your car, or while out walking, will deter these criminals 90% of the time. For the other 10% the Home & Family Protection trained dog will defend against these crimes.

Mike has successfully trained numerous dogs of varying breeds for this training program.

NOTE: The dogs pictured here are family pets that are social dogs that only respond to verbal commands or physical threat.

Fully-Trained Home & Family Personal protection dogs, are available for sale.