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North Boston Dog Training Center - 9 Franklin Street in Peabody, MA

Mike Harrington - Certified Master Dog Trainer/Behaviorist - Certified Helper United Schutzhund Clubs of America

Our Services Include:

• Day School Program
• In Home Dog Training
• Stay and Train Program
• Private Lessons
• Puppy Training
• Behavior Modification - Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation - Fears and Phobia's
• Home & Personal Protection Dog Training - IPO & Schutzhund Training

North Boston Dog Training provides: Dog Training via Day School, Private lessons, Small Group Obedience Classes and In Home Dog Training.

Training programs are specifically designed to create an atmosphere where your dog will learn faster, behavioral problems are identified and practical solutions applied.

Our Training programs are tailored to fit your individual needs, and to produce the results that you desire.

The whole family is involved to ensure consistency, and step by step instruction from a Certified Master Trainer.
Mike has over 25 years of experience training all breeds of dogs, understands the breed specific character traits and instinctual behavior patterns, which allows him to train even the most difficult dogs.

North Boston can evaluate and train your dog to be a Personal Protection Dog and family Protector.

Fully-Trained Adult Personal Protection Dogs available by request.

Providing the Finest Dog Training available to the Greater Boston and surrounding areas.

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In Home Dog Training, Private Lessons, Day School and Stay and Train!!!